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I know I know I haven’t written to you all in a while. Let me tell you what I’ve been up to – pavement pounding introducing myself to local businesses and prominent people in New Ross. I ended up in a local politician’s office to whom when I showed my portfolio to he said “you’d appreciate seeing the town archives” he promptly picked up his mobile and organised it for me.

What a privilege it turned out to be. I was taken aback at the beauty of the lettering. The illumination of the capital letters. Imagine what it would have been like way back when the printing press and computer fonts didn’t exists. A scribe with a simple dip pen and produced the most amazing work. I have to say that I was totally in awe of the The Original Town Charter which dates back to the 14th Century. But then,  when I was given the meeting books well from a Calligraphers point of view I was in “happy land.” Looking at the lettering and the ornamentation.

As you can imagine I walked away inspired

From Sherwood to Templenacroha


Having moved from Sherwood a few weeks ago – it became really apparent how reliant I’ve  come to rely on the internet. I found myself living here in a little place called Templenacroha which I’ve yet to get to know with no access to the internet & the only way I could get always on broadband was via satellite & that is just so expensive! Anyway, I’m back on-line via mobile internet and am I thankful or what! Back to being able to Skype with my friends and family. And of course – back to the all important Social Networking.

Now as you know I’m new to the world of blogging I am trying to learn how to & its proving to be quite the dilemma….it seems to more articles I read the more confused I’m becoming – I thought it was going to be like writing an essay or an article for the local newspaper – but it seems not…so much more to it – like SEO and submitting it to various places like Stumbleupon, Digg etc it’s all so confusing……

So here I sit wondering what to write about? Should it be about my next project? My wonderful visit to the Wexford Tourist Board? Craft? or Calligraphy? More questions & no answers – that’ll be me dizzy and ditzy all at the same time…..til next folks



I am Calligrapher based on the borders of County Carlow and Wexford, snuggled on hills of the Blackstairs a few minutes from the Nine Stones and the River Slaney (great Salmon & Trout fishing — so I hear). And if that isn’t enough a stones throw from the Village of Clonegal where the famous Huntington Castle is with its amazing Yew Tree Avenue and not too far way is Altamount Gardens. All between the Village of Ballon and the town of Bunclody.