How to Transform Tap Water into Vibrant High Energy Water.

The Journey to transforming tap water into High-Energy water

I’ve brought together all that I have learnt about energy and water and combined it with calligraphy to help you make your very own high energy vibrant water.

I’ve had a keen interest in the environment and natural sciences for almost 25 years. With the philosophy that “food is our medicine” and “we are what we consume,” I’ve explored nature’s medicine cabinet, including Ayurveda, herblore, folklore, home remedies and energetics. The one that piqued my interest was water.

Things we know about Water.

Water is a free and finite natural resource.

The earth is 2/3rd water and of the 2/3rd only 2.5% is fresh water. Of that 2.5% only 36% is available to us, the rest is locked up in Glaciers and ice caps.

Infograph from Pinterest

Adults are two-thirds water and babies are three-quarters.

Water is part of our being; we can’t survive more than a few days without it. Therefore, it follows that the water we consume should be of the best quality available and free of chemicals.

In general, we probably don’t drink enough to keep us hydrated. I hear lots of people say, “Every time I drink water, I need to pee.” That’s because their bodies are dehydrated.

Think of our dehydrated body as a potted plant that hasn’t had a drop of water in days; the soil has all dried up. When you water it, the water goes straight through until the soil is moist and holds the water. That’s the very same thing that goes on in our bodies. When you first start drinking water, you’ll go for a pee a lot, but after a few days, your body will hydrate and you’ll find you’re not running to the loo as often.

The problem with Shop bought water

Have you ever walked into the supermarket or local shop and bought water in a plastic bottle? Have you thought about the implications of your purchase?

Photo © Dimitar Dilkoff

Each time you purchase a plastic bottle, you are adding to the tonnes of plastic that we already have in our oceans. (I recycled all my plastic too, but that doesn’t mean I can guarantee that that piece of plastic or micro-plastic it generates isn’t going to end up in the ocean and then make its way into our food.)

Have you ever thought about who owns the water you buy? Or, consider the cost of production. The sourcing and storage of water. The packaging, the branding, the marketing and the retailing. And, of course, the cost to our environment. In Ireland, it is estimated that over 3 million plastic bottles are purchased every day. The revenue from the bottle water market is projected to reach US$467.8m with per-person revenue of US$92.08 (€84.00) in 2024.

Plastic waste at Manila Bay beaches. © Daniel Müller Greenpeace
Water is living.

Everything that is living has a structure or a system. Everything that exists in nature is living, like trees, animals, birds, flowers, bees and us. And, like us, it has a memory. It picks up information from its environment. Then it transports that information as it travels.

For example, if the factory down the road is spilling all its wastewater, full of chemicals, into the river that passes your town, do the chemicals disappear? No, they became part of the makeup of the river and we might see fewer fish or more algae growth. By the time we see nature suffering and become aware. The water is already polluted.

River Barrow, New Ross, County Wexford, Ireland. Photo: © Soul Scribe Calligraphy 

That is a lot of information to take in and think about the next time you purchase water in a plastic bottle or are walking by the riverside or beach. But let’s not linger there any longer and start exploring the solution. (A quick plug for my Love and Gratitude drinkware range) Check it out here: purchasing a reusable bottle will help reduce the amount of single use plastic.

Water revitalisation.

A process that brings back (or restructures) your water to the highest vibrations. Fresh and vibrant, as if straight from a mountain spring. A wonderful discovery by Johann Grander a natural scientist. He had nature as his teacher and used the microscope as his tool. He discovered that water can store information and, with or without direct contact, can transfer it to other water.

Grander water revitalisation can be sourced here in Ireland from Quest Utility Services owned and managed by Douglas Gordon. Douglas is a Natural Scientist specialising in energy and water.

Douglas has designed a system called Quest Water System that cleans and filters your water before revitalising it, producing easy-to-drink, high-vibration, smooth and hydrating water.

Once I learnt about the Quest Water system, I wanted one, but I didn’t have the budget for a whole house system (which is the ideal solution). So, I settled for the next best thing a small Grander Energy Board and came up with a solution that met my needs. 

Thus began the journey of creating high energy vibrant soft water from my hard to drink chlorinated tap water.

I have a 3-litre jug filled with tap water that sits on the Grander Energy Board. An hour is good but I always say, the longer the better. This process allows the chlorine gases to evaporate while the board does its magic. The water is always transformed into silky, easy to drink water.

There’s a water label on my jug too with the words “Love and Gratitude” This is a little something that I learnt from Dr Masaru Emoto whose field of study was Water. His stunning Water Crystal Photography was ground breaking. It showed that thoughts and words have a direct effect on water-crystal formation. And, the effect it has on us and the world around us.

“Words are the vibration of nature,
Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature,
Ugly words create ugly nature,
This is the root of the universe”
~Masuru Emoto

Crystallized molecule of water. Love and Gratitude.

Once the water has sat for long enough. I transfer it to my blue glass bottle on which I have written using calligraphy words like love, gratitude and harmony then the bottle is left outside on the window sill.

Why a blue bottle?

A few years back, I was decorating the kitchen and living room. I wanted to use the right colour in each room. Bringing serenity to my place of rest and energy to the room I cook and entertain. I was learning about colour psychology and the penny dropped. Colour is a vibration, therefore, in terms of energy, every colour of the spectrum vibrates at different frequencies!

Blue is a healing and calming colour. It’s the colour that seeks peace and tranquillity above everything else, promoting both physical and mental relaxation.

Blue also corresponds to the Throat Chakra. It is through the throat chakra, people become more accepting of their lived experience and embrace their originality

Why leave the bottle outside?

When you place a blue bottle full of tap water in the sun for 6 to 48 hours (on cloudy days.) It goes through a process called solar disinfection or SODIS. The heat and ultraviolet radiation of the sun kills the bacteria and other nasties that exist in our water. Leaving natural, clean drinking water.

The blue bottles of water on my kitchen table has often been referred to as magic water. (A side note: I have a limited number of empty Grander Water bottles that I’d be happy to inscribe for you or if you would like a love and gratitude water label. Just let me know by Clicking Here and filling in the enquiry form).

Quest Undersink Water System

Recently, I installed an under-kitchen sink Quest Water System that uses a Catalytic Carbon filter to remove Fluoride, Chlorine, Lead and other heavy metals, it also protects against E.coli and eliminates Carcinogenic trihalomethanes, which are a by product of chlorine disinfection together with a small Grander Flexi Water Revitaliser unit, which has transformed my tap water. I’m still transferring it to my jug, then to the blue bottles, and allowing the SODIS process to happen, which has taken my drinking water to a whole new level!

The water from my kitchen tap has been transformed from smelling of chlorine and hard to drink. To velvety, creamy and very easy to drink. If you would like improve your drinking water quality head over to Quest tell Douglas Jackie sent you.