Bespoke Paper Gifts for any occasion

Crafting Unforgettable Moments with Handmade Personalised Gifts.

Bespoke paper gifts are not just beautiful, but they are also thoughtful and elegant.

In a world filled with mass-produced items, there’s something incredibly special about receiving a gift that has been carefully crafted with love and attention to detail. This is where handmade personalised gifts and calligraphy services come into play, adding a unique touch to your gestures of affection. Let’s explore the beauty of bespoke paper gifts and how they serve as more than just presents. They’re heartfelt messages that resonate with the essence of your emotions.

Bespoke Paper Gift | Personalised Stationery or Writing Set

The Power of Bespoke Paper Gifts

Imagine the joy on your loved one’s face when they receive a gift that has been tailor-made just for them. With a bespoke paper gift, you go beyond the ordinary and express your thoughtfulness in a tangible form. It’s more than an item; it’s a testament to the time, care, and consideration you’ve invested in choosing something that mirrors the recipient’s personality and style.

Every gift is an opportunity to communicate a heartfelt message, and that’s precisely what makes handmade personalised gifts so special. It’s not just about the material possession; it’s about the emotions and sentiments behind it. This is where the artistry of calligraphy comes into play.

The Heart and Soul of Calligraphy

In the world of handmade personalised gifts, calligraphy adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. When you choose a calligraphy service, you elevate your gift to a whole new level. Each carefully written word becomes a work of art, a visual representation of the love and care you feel for the recipient.

I pour my heart and soul into every creation. This personal touch is what sets these gifts apart, making them not just objects, but cherished mementos that will be remembered for years to come.

Crafting Unforgettable Moments

Delighting your friends, family, or colleagues with a gift that speaks volumes without uttering a word captures the essence of your emotions. The power of a well-thought-out present lies in its ability to convey feelings that words sometimes fail to express. Each bespoke paper gift becomes a symbol of your connection with the recipient, making your gestures truly unforgettable.

At Soul Scribe, I believe in the art of conversation. I love engaging with our customers to understand their ideas, preferences, and the personality of the person they’re gifting. Because, after all, a bespoke gift is not just about the giver – it’s a celebration of the unique qualities of the recipient.

I love a good conversation! Feel free to send me a message. Let’s talk about your ideas, preferences, and the personality of the person you’re gifting. Together, we can create something truly exceptional. This personalised approach ensures that each gift is as unique as the person receiving it.

Gift differently, gift thoughtfully

A Birthday Gift “created for me”

Angie Hun

The artwork which Jagdeep Sahans created for me was exactly what I asked for and more. She took time and care to make my request… Read more “A Birthday Gift “created for me””

Jane Stafford

Lots of happy tears

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my proposal note. It is absolutely stunning. Lots and lots of happy tears when I… Read more “Lots of happy tears”


Over the Moon


“A great standard of work. I’m over the moon with the finished result and a delight to meet in… Read more “Over the Moon”

Dan McMahon

Jackie worked on a poem

Jackie worked on a poem my husband wrote for our son to say at our wedding 7 years ago and I was getting it made… Read more “Jackie worked on a poem”

Lisa Kelly

Wonderful work

Success is no accident - Pele | Thank you Gift to business colleagues | Soul Scribe Calligraphy Ireland

“Wonderful work by Ms Jagdeep Sahans of Soulscribe Calligraphy. This year we commissioned a bespoke piece of custom calligraphy . Jagdeep was taught this traditional… Read more “Wonderful work”

Dr. Richard Lee Kin
The Mint Clinic

First wedding anniversary gift from my husband.

Photograph of the front cover of a handcrafted stationery box as a paper anniversary gift. With personalised calligraphy on the black cover. Calligrapher: Jagdeep Sahans.

Soul Scribe prepared my first wedding anniversary gift from my husband. I’m truly delighted to hold a beautiful, personal stationery box and I love how… Read more “First wedding anniversary gift from my husband.”

Małgorzata Freese

Her passion for her craft

I was absolutely thrilled with the piece I commissioned from Jagdeep. Her passion for her craft and her attention to detail make planning an important… Read more “Her passion for her craft”

Rachel Gotto

Gorgeous product.

Gorgeous product. Great communication with the designer and hassle-free delivery. Delighted to have supported an artist who provides a great… Read more “Gorgeous product.”


A special, thoughtful and unique gift

I commissioned Jackie to create a piece of artwork for very close friends of ours that were getting married.  As my husband was best man… Read more “A special, thoughtful and unique gift”

Aoife O’Regan

Business logo

Jagdeep is committed to producing the best for her clients. She helped me to create my logo for my business – we used her calligraphy… Read more “Business logo”

Aideen Ni Riada
Pure Soul Style

A Beautiful Gift


  Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful gift for us at the request of our fantastic team. We are very touched &… Read more “A Beautiful Gift”

Collum and Bernie Molloy
SuperValu, New Ross

The result is now a beautiful voucher

Jackie was just so great to work with. From the moment I sent my request, the response was so quick and I really felt Jackie… Read more “The result is now a beautiful voucher”

Sharon Kearns



Absolutely delighted with my very first video testimonial from Jacinta of Another S/O Thanks to @SoulscribeCalli for my amazing cards and also to @SchellerAnna… Read more “Snowball”

Jacinta Dempsey

Excellent Calligraphy. Quick and efficient

Excellent Calligraphy. Quick and efficient service. The writing was exactly what we wanted. Thank you,… Read more “Excellent Calligraphy. Quick and efficient”


I am in love with

I'm getting down and dirty with my hoe | V2 | Garden Sign.

I am in love with my slate with quirky calligraphy. I gaze at it daily and a smile comes across my face. Thank you for… Read more “I am in love with”

Brenda Bergin

Proudly displayed

I am absolutely thrilled with this piece! It’s even more beautiful now that it’s proudly displayed on my wall! Thank you so much, it’s a… Read more “Proudly displayed”

Louise Walsh

Totally pleased

Nature's wisdom depicted: A mesmerising wall hanging adorned with flowers and a woman's head, embodying the empowering quote, "Your mind is a garden; your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds," transformed into a stunning piece of calligraphic art by Jagdeep Sahans of Soul Scribe Calligraphy.

Totally pleased with this wonderful piece of Calligraphic Art I received recently. I asked Jagdeep Sahans of Soul scribe to write the verse for me… Read more “Totally pleased”

John Maloney

I will definitely use Soul Scribe

I contacted Jagdeep some months ago to get a small something created for a friend. She totally got the brief immediately and added her own… Read more “I will definitely use Soul Scribe”

Jeanne Kelly

Unique handmade gift tag


This unique handmade gift tag by Jackie was the perfect finishing touch on a gift basket. I would definitely recommend Soulscribe Calligraphy. Beautiful work. Thank… Read more “Unique handmade gift tag”

Emma Walsh

One of the most pleasant

One of the most pleasant experiences in working with Jackie throughout the entire process of designing to delivery of the finished product. Her attention to… Read more “One of the most pleasant”

Diana Persad

Our choir – The Forget-Me-Nots


Our choir – The Forget-Me-Nots dementia-inclusive community choir – was thrilled to commission Jagdeep to create a music themed calligraphy painting for our Musical Director,… Read more “Our choir – The Forget-Me-Nots”

Orla Horn

A unique gift

A heartfelt gift, crafted with love by hand. Featuring John 14:2 verse, using the beautiful art of calligraphy by Jagdeep Sahans of Soul Scribe Calligraphy.

When I wanted a unique gift to mark a special occasion I found Soulscribe. Being able to commission this at a distance was a bonus.… Read more “A unique gift”

Helena Tubridy

Creative, Elegant and oozes thoughtfulness

Jackie, your calligraphy work is so creative, elegant and oozes thoughtfulness. Your touch brought a well-known verse to life and overwhelmed me because it is… Read more “Creative, Elegant and oozes thoughtfulness”

Aine Bradley

I was looking for a special birthday gift

I was looking for a special birthday gift and when I contacted Jagdeep, she was a pleasure to work with. She helped with the choice… Read more “I was looking for a special birthday gift”

Estelle Cotter

I found it very easy

Gift | Memorial | Soul Scribe Calligraphy Ireland

I found it very easy to work with you, you listened to my brief and sent me a draft for consideration. I liked that you… Read more “I found it very easy”

Eithne Boyan

A challenging blend of artwork and calligraphy

John Mc review

I requested a challenging blend of artwork and calligraphy and Jackie delivered a beautiful piece. She provided several drafts, accommodated tedious revisions, made creative and… Read more “A challenging blend of artwork and calligraphy”

John McNamara

The bespoke I commissioned is beautiful…

I am very happy with the piece I commissioned from Jackie. The service was very professional, with each stage explained in advance. Communication was excellent… Read more “The bespoke I commissioned is beautiful…”

Maureen McCowen

Truly a priceless piece. 

We opened the package on New Year’s Eve. and it looks absolutely amazing!!! Elizabeth was completely blown away…It honestly blew me away as well despite… Read more “Truly a priceless piece. “


Extremely happy

I found you did exactly as I wanted with my piece. I was extremely happy with your service and professionalism. Thank you.… Read more “Extremely happy”


highly recommend Soulscribe Calligraphy for any occasion – big or small.


I asked Jagdeep to do a piece for me to commemorate the opening of my boyfriend’s bookshop. It was a lovely quote about reading that… Read more “highly recommend Soulscribe Calligraphy for any occasion – big or small.”

Ann Collins

You should have seen her face on receiving the stationery set

Handmade bespoke Stationery Set

I have to shout out to Jagdeep Sahans today for the monogram and stationery set she created for me as a gift to my mother.… Read more “You should have seen her face on receiving the stationery set”

Amanda Grace

I had a garden slate

I had a garden slate designed by Jagdeep and it is beautiful. The attention to detail shows how much passion and talent goes into her… Read more “I had a garden slate”


Elevate your concept

I found Jackie to be very engaging, personable and enjoyed working with her. She listened intently to what I had in mind and offered suggestions… Read more “Elevate your concept”

Martin O’Connor

Jagdeep was recommended to me

Jagdeep was recommended to me. She has been a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. The writing she produced is a piece of… Read more “Jagdeep was recommended to me”

Agnes Doherty

I was thrilled with the final product.

I found Jackie to be a pleasure to work with. Her communication, customer service and her desire to make sure the final artwork met my… Read more “I was thrilled with the final product.”