A special, thoughtful and unique gift

I commissioned Jackie to create a piece of artwork for very close friends of ours that were getting married.  As my husband was best man and being sooo close to the couple I really wanted to get something special, thoughtful and unique for them. The couple had a saying at the back of their mass booklet and that is when the idea came to me. I looked online and found Soulscribe, rang up and the story began. 

I had a definite image/vision in my head and was nervous that the artist (Jackie) may not be happy to deal with the vision I had in mind. However, to my delight, Jackie was happy to talk thru everyone of my ideas and we found ourselves on the exact same page of thought. From beginning to end, Jackie was approachable, contactable and extremely pleasant to deal with and the end piece was more then I could have ever asked for.  Many people have already seen the magnificent piece that Jackie created and have admired the beauty within it.

I would never have any hesitation to recommend Jackie, one of the nicest people to work with and also has open and beautiful mind.
Thank you Jackie for all the time you gave both to me and making the piece perfect.
The bride and groom love the piece and have called me on numerous occasions after showing it to friends and family confirming their love for it.”