Handmade bespoke Stationery Set

You should have seen her face on receiving the stationery set

I have to shout out to Jagdeep Sahans today for the monogram and stationery set she created for me as a gift to my mother.

I just presented it to my mam and she’s thrilled. This meant so much more than a birthday gift. My mam is recently widowed and such a huge part of loss is adapting to a new identity, the emergence of a ‘me’ from the ashes of what has always been an ‘us’.

My mam has a lot of people she wants to write back to in the aftermath of da’s death and I’ve noticed her stalling a bit because da was the one who did the correspondence, he was the one with the cards and the stickers, it was his ‘thing’.

You should have seen her face on receiving this, she was like a child and start listing the first people she was gonna write to. Such a simple offering and yet so full of meaning.

I’m deeply grateful to you Jackie, for a perfect design and that you went above and beyond in creating a presentation box, and with such prompt turnaround.

Thank you.