How far in advance should I book you?

The earlier the better. Calligraphy is an artistic craft. It requires focus and patience. Everything I created is with care. 

My calendar has been known to be fully booked especially coming up to seasonal festivals, celebrations and events.  So, the earlier you are booked in, the better it is for you and me. It allows me to make sure that I have allocated enough time for your commission. 

I don't like to rush but I always accommodate you if you haven't left enough time. See: Have I left it too late?)

Did you stop at this question because you are getting married or organising an event?

Then you will probably want to know how long it will take me to inscribe your invitations, envelopes and/ or place cards.

I normally allow ten days to two weeks for a small to average wedding. Although during these very unusual times - it's mainly small and intimate weddings.

It always best to contact me ahead of time. And, that way I can make sure I serve you the best.

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