Welcome to the Gallery. I have chosen a selection of pieces that I’ve had the pleasure of creating over the years.
These show you artworks where I’ve used flourishes, ornamentation, illumination, illustration and/ or knot work. As well as blending mediums such as gouache, watercolour, traditional inks and metallic’s to create unique pieces. These pieces take time to create anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on how complicated the design is. Ranging from A3 to A2 in approximate size.
This section is gives you a look at some smaller pieces. Ranging from A5  to A4 approximate size. Some are simple some not so.
Perfection every time

I cannot give Jackie enough praise! The work she has completed for me in the past has been of the highest standard and has greatly … Read more "Perfection every time"

Sinead Coleman
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