Welcome to my Gallery.
As I say, grab yourself a cuppa and take a leisurely browse through some of my work available to view online. I hope you enjoy visiting.

These pieces range from A3 to A2 in approximate size.

Each piece is unique. Some have called for flourishes while others ask for ornamentation, illumination, illustration or knotwork. I love getting creative. And often will blend mediums such as gouache, watercolour, traditional inks and metallic’s to create unique pieces. These pieces always take me on a journey. It’s worth allowing the time to develop anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

These custom calligraphy pieces range from A5  to A4 approximate size.
Some are simple some not so.

And, the final gallery shows you calligraphy used to celebrate all kinds of celebrations and events. From milestone birthdays to awards.

Do you have an idea for an upcoming milestone event, celebration or wedding? I love exploring ideas.