Help! I literally just decided that I’d like some calligraphy. Have I left it too late?

It's never really too late. I can accommodate rush orders. Which normally means that I have to juggle my bookings around to slot you in. And, as long as I can still meet my existing customer's deadlines, I'm happy to help you.

Please be aware that rush orders do mean there will be an additional charge of 50% -75% incurred.

If I can't accommodate you I will refer you another calligrapher who I trust to look after you.

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What is your turn around time?

Each customer's requirement is different. We will normally establish the timeline during our first conversation. In general, for intimate small weddings or events, I would allow a week to 10 days. For the larger weddings, I'd allow 2 weeks or more. Whereas, artwork takes longer.

It's always best to get in contact with me as soon as you can and allow me as much time you can allow.

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What the process of working with you?

I work closely with my customers. We begin our journey together from the moment you connect with me. Whether it's designing stationery, creating a piece of calligraphy art. Or, inscribing your guest names on your invitations, envelopes, place cards or escort cards.

For me, my service is as important as what I create for you. Once I have started your commission you will receive regular updates from me.

I always find that past customers experience is always the best way to give you an idea of what the process of working with me. Click here to read what Debbie said about working with me.

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